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Policies & Rules

What is your cancellation policy?

You may cancel your rental for any reason up until the unit is delivered and setup.

What is your weather policy?

You may cancel at any time up to the time the unit is take off the truck and set up. We will work with you to have a fun safe event. In the event of a cancellation, you will get a full refund. Once the unit is set up, the sale is complete.

What is included with your rentals?

All rentals include delivery, setup, teardown, and cleaning by trained friendly drivers.

What are your hours?

Our business hours are 9am to 8pm 7 days a week. We will work with you to have the best experience if you work with us. Please understand that the latest scheduled pickup is sundown or 8pm, whichever comes first. We do this because after we pick up the unit we need to clean for the the next days rental. All units are cleaned and sanitized before events.

What is your delivery area?

Usually within 15 miles of Fairfax, Virginia. Please email for details.

Do I need to make a deposit?

You do NOT but because inflatables are rented on a first come first reserved basis we require a credit card to reserve all inflatables. This assures you of receiving the item you reserve. You need to give the credit card information to reserve the unit. The credit card is charged on the day before the rental. We do this to get the finances out of the way and focus on delivery an setup. The deposit is fully refundable until the unit is set up.

Are your bouncers clean?

YES! All units are cleaned, vacuumed, and sanitized before every rental. We never deliver a unit until it has been cleaned.

Are your bouncers safe?

YES! When operated correctly the bouncers and combos are the safest way to have fun at a party. The kids are all in the same area having a blast getting exercise and laughing all the time. If the operator follows all the operating rules everyone will be safe and have a great time. Under no circumstances should the unit be moved once the delivery person sets it up.

Can we keep bouncers overnight?

No. At this time we do not offer overnight rentals. All units must be picked up before sunset or 8pm in order to clean and sanitize the units of the next days rental.

Can I pick up and return moon bounce?

No. At this time all rentals include free delivery and setup. In order to provide the safest experience for everyone, we deliver, set up, and tear down the units.

What is included in rental fee?

We will deliver and set-up the units at the location as close as we can to the time you desire, When we setup the unit we make sure the unit is safely setup on a fairly level surface and anchored with our safety stakes. We fully inflate the unit; make sure it is clean, sanitized and in a safe working condition. We go over the safety features and proper operation of the unit to assure you have a safe event. We will try to accommodate your schedule for delivery time and pickup. We will come back at the end of your event to disassemble and take the unit away.

Who is responsible for the equipment operation?

The Lessee shall be in charge of operating the unit(s) rented from NoVA Bounce and is fully responsible for the operation of the unit(s) after receiving it from Lessor. Electricity is the responsibility of the lessee.

Do we have to sign a liability release form?

Yes, NoVA Bounce is NOT responsible for injuries occurring to lessee or to any persons using the leased property, and the lessee further agrees to hold LunaFynn Moon Bounce harmless against any injury and claims to property damage. By accepting these terms you indicate agreement with all the provisions in this lease and acknowledge that you will read, review and follow the general rules posted on the rented equipment for safe operation.

Do you offer multi unit discounts?

YES – If the units are rented at the same time and delivered and setup is together we offer discounts. Please call for info.

What method of payment do you accept for rentals of its products?

Credit card (Visa, Master Card and Discover – NO American Express), check card, debit card, cash. No checks.

What size area is required to accommodate a moonwalk?

17x17 foot minimum unobstructed – level area is required for our 15’ X 15’ moonwalks. – All inflatables require a different size and height requirement check the dimensions of the product to make sure they will fit where you want it to go.

What types of surfaces do we set up its rentals on?

We need a level, uniform surface, such as Grass, Concrete, Blacktop or Carpet. No Dirt, Rock, Gravel or Sand setups.

How far from an electrical outlet can you set up an inflatable?

75' Maximum from an electrical outlet.

How much electricity does each unit use? What type of power source is needed?

Each blower uses from 8 – 12amps of power, we can generally get 2 blowers onto one standard 20amp circuit if nothing else is plugged into that circuit. Our blower’s works on standard household 110V circuits- no special outlets are needed.

What prep should I do before the inflatable rental arrives?

Dogs (animals) must be tied/caged before and during event, *Make sure you have at least 3.5 feet of clearance leading to Setup Location. Turn off automatic sprinklers, Do not water grass the night before, Pick up all animal feces. Remove Center post from double doors.

How long does it take to set up/tear down an inflatable?

10 to 15 minutes to set up, and 30-45 to tear down depending on location of inflatable.

How many kids can fit on an inflatable?

Usually six to eight, but it depends on the size of the children and the type of inflatable they are on.

Can you set an inflatable up in my driveway?

Yes, provided the driveway is flat enough. We prefer to setup inflatables on a grassy area when possible, because it is easier to safely secure the inflatable and generally safer. We will not setup inflatables on gravel driveways.

My yard slopes, is that a problem?

A little slope is not a problem -- we can usually put the entrance of the inflatable at the top of the slope. Steep slopes, however, are not acceptable and unsafe for inflatables.

Can you provide an operator for our our inflatables?

No. We do not offer operators for our inflatables at this time

How close do need to get to the event site?

For most residential deliveries we will park on the driveway or street and use a dolly to move the inflatable to your desired setup spot. With our large Items we must be able to drive delivery vans on grass. Many games are simply too heavy to carry with a dolly and require a vehicle with a trailer to move the attraction to desired location. Extra outdoor Power outlets are helpful. 20 amp circuits are required. We will only drive on grass in extreme circumstances for certain inflatables.

What happens if we spill on the units??

Do not take food or drinks on or near the units. If a mess is made try your best to clean the unit with a wet rag then dry with a towel. Super messy stuff will require additional cleaning and may be charged to the client.

What happens if we damage the unit?

Customer is held liable for any and all damages to equipment other than normal wear and tear. (Examples but not limited to: Ripped seam on an inflatable due to “overloading riders”. However customer is not liable for damages to equipment due to previously damaged or faulty equipment.

Can we Tape signs on the unit?

NO - TAPE No duct tape, masking tape, or tape of any kind allowed on inflatables! If game signs and ticket signs are needed ( we do not supply these signs) they must he placed on a chair, table, box, NOT ON THE INFLATABLE. Customer will be charged a cleaning fee of $150 per game if tape has been used.


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